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You do not have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy and get the most out of swimming. At Miami Swimming Club our aim is to engage all families that are entering the sport and to encourage them and to develop a lifelong enrichment in the sport of swimming. It is a practice that helps to build relationships with both coaches and their peers, encourages skills and discipline, as well as promoting a positive lifestyle and healthy habits.  Success comes from the right kind of push. Our goal is to provide motivation for both beginners and seasoned swimmers. The club endeavours to provide a strong foundation from where every swimmer can go on to achieve their full potential, by providing our athletes with a platform. We accomplish this through an established history of innovation, leadership, and successful programming Before we’re swimmers, we’re people. At Miami Swimming Club, we cater our experiences with that in mind. Our programs and events are meant to cultivate the whole person, not just the athlete. This comes naturally since many qualities of swimming also make up the attributes of a well-rounded person: dedication, practice, health, and teamwork. This approach has helped create the close-knit community we keep.


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“Olivia Borg has committed to swim for Division I University of Nevada beginning fall 2020. She will be joining the Wolf Pack’s class of 2024.”




“Miami’s Ruben Rees (59:59.06) continued his hot form, picking up gold in the Boy’s 16-year-old 5km race to match his gold in the 7.5km race yesterday. Rees’ teammate Kaiden Hubbard (1:00:26.01) secured the silver medal and Southside Aquatics’ Jackson Clarke (1:00:29.80) claimed the bronze.




“Breaststroke superstar Adam Peaty is one of several British elite swimmers competing today in the Miami Super Challenge in Queensland, Australia.”




“While he never had the time to have a family of his own, Cotterell says his Miami swimming ‘family’ will always have a special place in his heart. “I’ve coached so many kids from the age of eight or nine up until they were in their 20s, and I’ve coached the kids of some those kids,” he says. “It was hard to walk away from that, but the time had come. It was a huge part of my life and I’ll always treasure the memories.”

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