Life Members

Our Local Legends

Life Membership is recognised by Miami Swimming Club as the highest recognition that can be awarded onto a member in acknowledgement of exceptional service and contribution. Life Membership is an honour bestowed on individual club members who’s exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution have provided measurable benefit to the club’s growth and the sustainment of the proud history it represents.

Bev Walsh
Bill Bailey
Rosemary Sayer
Denis Cotterell
Graham Pomas
Andrew Baildon
Leanne Rayner
Terry Rayner
Karen MacLeod
Mark (Wally) Williams
Daniel Kowalski
Guy Bagot LVO
Janet Penfold
Steve Smith
Julie Smith
Grant Hackett OAM
Raelene Ryan
Kerry Homer
Maree Oberg
Alex Beaver
Roger Belmar
Rene Etherington
Tony Ryan