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Our job as a Club is to provide a place for young people to develop, not only as swimmers but also as confident, healthy and independent individuals. The club endeavours to provide a strong foundation from where every swimmer can go on to achieve their full potential, carrying the lessons learnt for the remainder of their lives

Membership Fees 2024-2025  
National Swimmer (intends to swim at National level) $210.00
Youth Swimmer (10 & Over) $190.00
Junior Swimmer (9 & Under) $90.00
Parent $30.00
Accredited Technical Official $0.00
Note: At least one parent must join for each family if a swimmer is under 18 years old

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If you are interested in seeing if your swimmer enjoys club swimming and would like to come along to one of our Club Nights follow the link to find out more: Club Nights

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question Answer 
I pay for my swimmer’s lessons at Miami Aquatic Center. Doesn’t that mean my swimmer is part of the Miami Swimming Club?

Unfortunately no. Swimming lessons are provided by Rackley Swimming who provide professional swimming coaches and swim teachers. To confuse the matter a little the squad coaches at Miami Swimming Club are employees of Rackley Swimming and are instrumental in the development of Miami Swiming Club squad swimmers. They also coach/teach other squads that are not affiliated to Miami Swimming Club (e.g. Surf Squad and Junior Surf Squad).
Miami Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club affiliated with Swimming Australia. Swimmers are eligible to compete at Club Nights, Regional Competitions, and if their times are fast enough they can qualify to swim at Regional Championships, State Championships, National Championships and even be eligible for International selection. If your swimmer wishes to swim competitively they will need to join a swimming club.
Miami Swimming Club while being a competitive swimming club is also very family-friendly and has a rich swimming history being recognised as one of the most successful clubs in the country.

My swimmer needs times for School swimming how do I get these?

School swimming times can be gained at your school swimming sports. However, for many children, the school sports events are after the date when time must be submitted. To get ‘official times’ in what is called a ‘TM File’ a swimmer typically is a member of a swimming club and competes at a sanctioned swimming meet. The times the swimmer gains (their best times) are the Personal Best times that are recorded in the ‘TM File’. The ‘TM File’ can be requested from the club Race Secretary by the swimmer/parent and provided to the school for consideration and proof of times.

What is the difference between Club/Competitive Swimming and School swimming?

Club/Competitive swimming is an all-year-round sport and swimmers are affiliated with Swimming Australia (and also, Swimming Gold Coast, Swimming Queensland, and Fina – the international swimming body). Swimmers compete in their age groups until they swim in an Open classification (18 for girls and 19 for boys). The age a swimmer swims is the age they are on the first date of the swim meet. If a swimmer is able to swim the ‘qualification time’ for an ‘Open’ event they may do so regardless of their age (which is why you see swimmers as young as 13 and 15 competing at the Olympics).
Swimmers need to be in a club to swim in sanctioned swim meets.

With School swimming, a swimmer must be at school, and a swimmer’s age is calculated as their age as at the 31st of December of the current year. Swimmers with fast enough times submitted to their school for Districts then swim at District Championships for their school and the top 2-4 swimmers (depending on the stroke) for each stroke, gender and age progress to South Coast Regional championships and represent their District.
From there the top swimmers (usually 2-4 swimmers for each stroke, age, gender), or for younger swimmers (under 12) those that have made the qualifying times, are selected to represent the South Coast Region at the QLD State School Swimming Championships.
For Under 12 swimmers who place 1-3 in a Final at QLD School Swimming Championships will usually be selected to swim for Queensland Schools at the Australian Schools Swimming Championships. For older swimmers, a team of around 32-36 swimmers is selected (1/2 boys and 1/2 girls) to represent Queensland Schools at the Australian Schools Swimming Championships. The team selection will be based on the mix required for the best performance of the team and swimmer availability.